Hi, I’m Rick – an experienced personal trainer at your home in Oldham, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge, and the surrounding areas.

I’m a personal trainer and nutrition coach, with over 20 years experience, helping people transform their fitness, bodies & health through 1:1 private fitness training in Oldham.

Health and Fitness has a massive impact on every area of your life and by looking after it you can become the best you can be. Your mental health will be better, improved confidence and belief in yourself. You will look and feel better , be able to spend quality time with your family and take part in all kinds of activities.

Everyone deserves to be fit and healthy and I am here to help you achieve your optimal health by following a simple and tested plan, personalised to you with your goals and context.

Try the Six Week programme and you’ll get:

  • Weekly at home personal training sessions in Oldham – in the privacy and convenience of your home or garden
  • Personalised exercise plan – to help you build a motivational fitness routine
  • Simple ideas to eat healthily – to lose weight, feel good & accelerate progress
  • Progress measurements – see tangible results each week so you know you’re improving
  • Regular support & encouragement – to help you stay motivated and inspired

With twice weekly one-to-one workouts, you’ll see results in just a few sessions – and be motivated to keep going and experience amazing progress that lasts!

Try a ‘Discovery’ session – a free, focussed session centred around you – it’s the perfect way to get started. You’ll also see exactly how the programme works, and I know you’ll love how we can work together to be fitter, healthier and happier from home!

If you live in Oldham, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge or any other surrounding neighbourhoods and want to transform your health and fitness from home – get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help you kick-start your fitness!

Rick Gannon

Personal Trainer in Oldham

Specialises in:

– GP referral
– Level 4 Nutrition
– Circuit training