Get fit, be healthy and feel great from home with flexible online personal training sessions. Available anywhere nationwide.
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Exercise, nutrition and habit-building

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For every age and every fitness level

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All you need is a webcam and internet

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12 online sessions over 6 weeks

All-Round Fitness and Health


You’ll lose weight, slim down on your waist and hips and improve your BMI. Results you can see, in just 6 weeks.

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You’ll improve your cardio-vascular heart rate, fitness levels, recovery time and flexibility, for better long-term health.

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Both physically and mentally. You’ll increase resilience, learn how to move better, and become a master of your own body.

Online training to transform your fitness

Get fit, be healthy and feel great – At Home Fitness offers virtual personal training sessions you can do at home.

You’ll get a tailored health and fitness plan, 1:1 workouts with an online PT over live video calls – and all the support you need to help you stay on track, and transform how you look, feel and move.

All At Home Fitness online personal trainers are qualified, insured and vetted for excellence. As a team, we keep ahead of the curve by regularly coming together to learn and share ideas – so you get only the best and most up-to-date fitness advice.

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Your own personal trainer

Your personal trainer will work with you to create a holistic health and fitness plan, suited to your specific health goals and ambitions.

Ongoing support and guidance

Your dedicated personal trainer will be able to support you with any health or fitness questions, goals and ambitions you have.

12 sessions of online training

Twice a week, your personal trainer join a live video call for a guided fitness session. They’ll create personalised home workout plans for between sessions too.

Budget-friendly and flexible

With no trainer travel, online sessions are a highly flexible and efficient way to help you be fit and healthy from home.

More than just sessions

Build a personal plan that’s simple, effective and (most importantly) built to create habits for a lifetime. Your chance to take healthy eating, exercise and self-care into your own hands, forever.

Expert tracking

Use custom tools and reports to help you track your ongoing fitness journey. Compare your scores week-on-week, and learn how to keep the momentum up once you’ve completed your 6 weeks.

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Health and fitness can seem so complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Our approach is easy to follow, fun and straightforward.

Yes, definitely!

With online sessions, you'll get an fun and effective workout that's personalised to you and your goals - with feedback at every step to help you make the most out of each session.

With no trainer travel, online sessions are a highly flexible and efficient way to help you be fit and healthy from home.

Yes! The best results come from having a plan that works for you, a consistent exercise routine and the right support from a fitness expert to help you stay motivated to make healthy choices.

Fuelled by your fitness sessions, your trainer will help you create a plan that covers exercise, nutrition and self care - these are the pillars that drive real results in how you look, feel and perform.

Your trainer will then show up every week to give you a great workout - as well as check-in, see how you're doing and bring support and encouragement to help you keep seeing results.

It's a simple but powerful formula and it really works!

All sessions are taken via 1:1 online video calls. It starts with a Discovery session to learn about you, your goals, starting point and background. You'll then get a personalised plan - your roadmap to get you where you want via the best route.

Your trainer will then lead you through 1:1 guided fitness sessions, introducing new exercises, helping you with technique and offering guidance on making the most of your workouts.

Plus, you'll be able to check in each week to see how you're getting on with your plan, with loads of support and encouragement to help you stay on track.

Online PT sessions are 45 minutes, held via online video calls and available wherever you are.

With online sessions you can drop what you're doing, get straight into your workout and then back to your day with no time lost in between - making them a highly efficient, convenient and effective way to get fit from home.

Sessions are booked into your online calendar so you can easily click through into the session. You can arrange weekly slots or book sessions flexibly to suit you.

All you need to do online sessions is a device with a camera and a microphone - most of our clients use a smartphone, tablet or laptop in their sessions.

If you're using a smartphone, some clients like to use a mini phone holder (pick them up for a few pounds), so you can move your camera around, making it easy for your trainer to see you, feed back and offer encouragement during exercises.

Other than that, no extra tech is required - you'll be able to chat with your trainer, see them demonstrate exercises - and it will feel like someone's there with you while you workout!

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