Hi, I’m Izzy. Do you want to get fit, healthy, in shape and feeling great about yourself?

I bring workout sessions, knowledge, support and all the equipment to your home to help you transform your fitness, body & health!

Private at-home fitness training is the best and easiest way to get fit & in shape. You don’t need to go anywhere or worry about others watching, and you can build a fitness plan easily around your routine.

We’ll work together to create a health & fitness plan that works for you. I’ll show up twice a week with a fresh workout routine to help you get fit and motivated! Plus I’ll ensure you’ve got everything you need to keep that fitness going for a lifetime.

To be fitter, stronger, to lose weight and feel great, you need regular exercise, a simple nutrition plan and enough space to allow your body to rest and recover. I’ll help you create a fun, effective fitness routine, as well as a healthy eating plan that gets you fit and in shape quickly. No complicated new formulas to learn. Just simple, actionable habits that lead you to great results.

Discovering fitness you enjoy enables exercise to become a part of your daily routine and spill over into other parts of your life. We’ll try loads of different types of exercise to see what you really love, and focus on those. That means you can enjoy the fitness journey as well as the results, and feel inspired to stick to healthy habits that transform how you look and feel.

If you live in Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard or any other surrounding neighbourhoods and want to transform your health and fitness from home – get in touch. We’ll book you in for a free session and talk through how it all works to kick-start your fitness!

Izzy Kirby

Specialises in:

– GP referral
– Level 4 Nutrition
– Circuit training