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The 6-Week Personal Training Programme

Everything you need to get started

Whether you take part in in-person or virtual online personal training sessions, our six-week personal training programme helps you experience physical results and create the fitness momentum needed to set you up for a lifetime of being fitter and healthier. Follow the 5 steps, and get great results that last:

Week 1

Free Discovery Session

Establish your goals and your starting point.

Week 1

Kickstart your Fitness

Launch your custom-made fitness plan.

Weeks 2-6

1:1 Training Sessions

Personalised 1:1 fitness sessions, twice a week.

Weeks 2-6

Ongoing Support

Guidance and support to help you stay on track.

Week 6

Time to Re-Focus

Update your progress and long-term goals.

Delivered at a time and place to suit you

At Home Fitness is personal training with a difference - we're here to positively impact people’s lives through the power of health and fitness. We bring some of the best Personal Trainers from across the UK to your front door - with a wealth of knowledge and all the equipment you'll need.

We believe in giving people meaningful direction. Our clients go on guided health and fitness journeys, whilst our trainers see exciting career paths presented in front of them.

Many plans fizzle out. Our approach works in the long-term by focussing on your immediate goals, whilst helping you build habits to look and feel great for a lifetime.

Come and join our community of healthier, happier people. Where we set realistic goals, keep each other motivated, and ultimately grow together.

Success Stories

Everyone has different goals

Here are a few for inspiration

Whether you want to lose weight, run a 5k, or reduce stress and boost energy - we'll tailor your programme to suit your unique goals. However you train, we want to help you look, feel and be your best self. Here are some different ways you can focus.


We've got your back, no matter what

Get in touch, and we'll be happy to understand what you need and help you get started with the right person and plan for you!

There is no level of fitness required to begin training with us. Your starting point is the basis from which we create your personalised plan & programme - so you can be sure you'll start at the right level for you.

A big benefit of having a 1:1 personal trainer is that your programme will evolve as your fitness does - so you'll be able to build your fitness at your own pace and keep progressing as long as you keep training.

That’s completely fine. You can get everything you need out of training by using only your body, the floor, furniture & props like water bottles and towels - we're experts in being creative in home fitness!

If you’re online and are thinking of getting your own kit, there are plenty of affordable options - resistance bands, weighted balls and kettlebells all add variety and can bring focus to specific areas and muscles. Just ask your trainer for recommendations based on your goals and favourite exercises.

For in-person sessions, your trainer will bring a selection of kit too for extra variety.

No problem. All you need is a 2m x 2m floor space, the input and creativity of a great trainer - and you can get great results!

Whether you train in your living room, garden, local park, at work, or in a hotel room - your trainer will work with you to help you get the most out of your programme wherever you are.

It's empowering to know you can workout wherever and whenever, and it will open up a whole new way of thinking about exercise!

Most likely! In nearly all cases, starting a safe, guided exercise and healthy eating plan can help manage or even reverse the symptoms of many conditions.

Trainers across our team have a range of qualifications to cope with all kinds of physical injuries and conditions - including lower back pain, high blood pressure, knee/joint pain or surgery, diabetes and mental ill-health.

Get in touch, and you'll be able to share any relevant information and discuss with one of the team. We'll make sure you have everything you need to start safely and confidently!

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