Our personal training programme is perfect for busy people who like to exercise in private – and want help kick-starting an all-round health and fitness routine to get fit, lose weight, be healthy and feel energised every day.

Our Six Week Personal Training programme includes twice weekly 1:1 fitness sessions at your home in Shrewsbury, combined with your own bespoke fitness plan – and fuelled by evolving fitness sessions, progress tracking and weekly check-ins to help you stay motivated.

The result – you’ll feel inspired at the start, be fitter within a few sessions – and empowered to build a routine that helps you look and feel in the best shape of your life!

For us, fitness is all about building good habits – they have the power to transform every area of your life – but it doesn’t have to be complicated!  All it takes is a few actionable daily steps, weekly sessions to keep you moving, plus check-ins with me to help you stay on track. You’ll see measurable differences in just a few sessions – and it’s a really fun programme to get you started!

If you live in Shrewsbury and want to kick-start an effective health and fitness programme at your home – get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help.

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