Frequently asked questions

All your At Home Fitness questions answered. Still unsure about something? Get in touch with the team and we'd be happy to help.
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Health and fitness can seem so complicated, but it really doesn’t have to be that way.
Our approach is easy to follow, fun and straightforward.

  • Working with an At Home Fitness trainer
    • Who are At Home Fitness trainers?
      At Home Fitness is a nationwide team of trainers, committed to helping you get fit, be healthy and feel great from home. All our trainers are fully qualified, insured and have been carefully selected from hundreds of applicants (we take on less than 2% of trainers who get in touch) and who go through a 3-stage interview process and training programme. You can be assured you'll get an exceptionally high standard of training and professionalism - with the added assurance that we're here to help if you need.
    • How do I find the right trainer for me?
      You can find your local in-person trainer in the Locations page, or hit the Get Started button and we'll match you with a trainer based on your goals and requirements. Your trainer will be personally committed to helping you achieve your goals throughout your journey. This means you can build a great relationship with them - and they'll get to know you, what you like and how best to motivate you. Training starts with a free Discovery session, so you can get to know each other before you commit.
    • Will I be working with multiple trainers?
      No - you'll have one trainer throughout your home fitness journey, who will be personally committed to helping you achieve your goals. This means you can build a great relationship with them - so they know you, what you like and how best to motivate you. Meeting your trainer for your free Discovery session is a great chance to get to know each other before you commit.
    • Will I pay the trainer directly?
      Yes! Your trainer will be your direct point of contact - which means you can make payments directly to them, and they will take the lead in helping you with your fitness. If you need any extra help, we'll always be here to talk through your payments or service.
    • What if my trainer isn't the right fit?
      Get in touch, and we'll be happy to understand what you need and help you get started with the right person and plan for you!
  • Fitness and results
    • Do I need to be fit to start training?
      There is no level of fitness required to begin training with us. Your starting point is the basis from which we create your personalised plan & programme - so you can be sure you'll start at the right level for you. A big benefit of having a 1:1 personal trainer is that your programme will evolve as your fitness does - so you'll be able to build your fitness at your own pace and keep progressing as long as you keep training.
    • How long before I see results?
      By focusing on the key pillars - exercise, healthy eating and self care - you'll see great short-term results across every area of your health & fitness, whilst building long-term habits that make a difference for a lifetime. Most people see a difference in how they feel in the first few days, and noticeable improvements in strength, fitness and weight loss within a few weeks. With a straightforward habit-based approach, you’ll be able experience transformative improvements in your health, fitness and well-being for months and years to come.
    • Will you help with food and nutrition?
      Yes! Whether you want to be fitter, stronger, healthier, get in shape or feel happier and more energised, you'll get a personalised plan that covers the three key pillars of exercise, healthy eating and self care. When combined, these three pillars work powerfully together to help you get great short-term results, whilst building sustainable habits that will enable you to keep seeing progress for months and years to come.
  • Personal training programmes
    • What happens after six weeks?
      Six weeks is the ideal amount of time to get some great results, build fitness momentum and establish healthy habits that make the biggest difference. With these new habits in place, you can continue with your home workouts and healthy eating plan by yourself. Most clients get so much from this initial programme that they carry on with regular weekly sessions though - and many of our clients have been training with us for years.
    • Can I train with a friend?
      Absolutely! You can train with one or more friends in-person at the same location, or online from different locations. Training with a friend is great for mutual motivation and accountability, and is an effective & affordable way to get great results. Just make sure your training buddies have similar goals to you, and you go on your fitness journeys together. Get in touch for a quote on personal training with friends.
    • What's the difference between online and in-person?
      Both options take place with your trainer who will work with you 1:1 to help you with your fitness goals. Online PT sessions are 45 minutes, held via online video calls and available wherever you are. With online sessions, you can get straight into your workout and then back to your day quickly, conveniently & efficiently. In-person sessions are 60 minutes, held at your home, garden or local park - and are available based on trainer location. With in-person sessions, your trainer will bring extra equipment, and there'll be more time to check-in and catch up.
  • How it works - logistics & practicalities
    • I don't have any equipment - is that ok?
      That’s completely fine. You can get everything you need out of training by using only your body, the floor, furniture & props like water bottles and towels - we're experts in being creative in home fitness! If you’re online and are thinking of getting your own kit, there are plenty of affordable options - resistance bands, weighted balls and kettlebells all add variety and can bring focus to specific areas and muscles. Just ask your trainer for recommendations based on your goals and favourite exercises. For in-person sessions, your trainer will bring a selection of kit too for extra variety.
    • I don't have loads of space in my room - is that a problem?
      No problem. All you need is a 2m x 2m floor space, the input and creativity of a great trainer - and you can get great results! Whether you train in your living room, garden, local park, at work, or in a hotel room - your trainer will work with you to help you get the most out of your programme wherever you are. It's empowering to know you can workout wherever and whenever, and it will open up a whole new way of thinking about exercise!
  • Holidays and cancellations
    • What if I go on holiday or need to cancel a session?
      You'll get weekly slots that are scheduled in with your trainer so you don't have to worry about availability and booking in each week. If you go on holiday, you can either do online sessions while you're away to keep you moving - or alternatively you can book in extra sessions before and after your holiday so you don't miss any. This means you'll be able to stay consistent with your training and keep seeing results across the whole year.
    • What is your cancellation policy?
      Cancellation policies are fair and flexible. You just need to give your trainer 24 hours notice if you want to cancel your session. It will then be added as a credit, which you can use within 3 months.
    • What happens if my trainer goes away?
      If your trainer is away on holiday, you won't lose any sessions - you can either schedule in extra ones to make up for those missed, or your trainer will happily offer you a refund if catching up on sessions is tricky.
  • Special requirements
    • Can I exercise when I'm pregnant?
      Yes! We'll always ensure your trainer has the right Pre and Post Natal qualification to keep you and your baby healthy and safe. If the Pre and Post Natal qualification isn't listed under your trainer’s profile, get in touch here and let us know about your pregnancy in confidence - and we'll help you get started with a qualified trainer.
    • I have a medical issue - can I still do personal training?
      Most likely! We'll always ensure you're safe to start training. For most medical conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes or heart issues, personal training will help to manage and even reverse your symptoms and improve your health. In some cases, your trainer will need to be qualified as a GP Referral specialist, and we'll ask you to get your GP to sign a form with any specific recommendations too. Get in touch and we'll help you get started as soon as possible with a safe and effective plan.
    • I have a physical condition - can you still help?
      Most likely! In nearly all cases, starting a safe, guided exercise plan can help manage or even reverse the symptoms of many physical conditions. Trainers across our team have a range of qualifications to cope with all kinds of physical injuries and conditions - including lower back pain, knee/joint pain or surgergy and hypermobility. Get in touch, and you'll be able to share any relevant information and discuss with one of the team. We'll make sure you have everything you need to start safely and confidently!