5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Training Partner

Written by Elly McGuinness

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Most of us can benefit from some added motivation from time to time. Working out with a training partner could be just the ticket to feeling like you’ve got more motivation for exercise.  As an added bonus you might even find that your performance increases when you work out with a training partner!

Let’s explore the ways that a workout partner may be able to boost your progress towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

1.     You might push yourself harder in your workouts

Have you ever done a workout with someone who’s just that little bit fitter than you? At the end of that workout you might have thought “Wow, I really pushed myself and had a great workout”.

Research supports the idea that you may have more motivation to exercise as well as an increase in exercise performance if you work out with someone who is just that little bit fitter than you. This may be due to underlying social factors such as not wanting to be the “weakest link”. It’s possible that you’re also reflecting the habits and efforts of the person you’re with.

Maybe you don’t even need a face-to-face training partner?

Note that in the research example linked to, the results came from a virtual training partner so that’s another option to consider!

There are a few factors to consider when you’re choosing a training buddy. If you really want to take your fitness to the next level, then think about approaching someone who has a slightly “better” level of fitness than you. See what happens to your own fitness!

2.     It’s easier to do something different

When you work out with a training partner you’re likely to be exposed to different exercises and types of training. Your training partner might design their workouts a little differently to what you’re used to and may introduce you to new exercises and activities.

This helps to add variety to your exercise routine. As a result, your body gets challenged in different ways, which can help you take your fitness to the next level. You might also find that the new variety in your exercise routine is a good way to combat boredom.

3.     You get more exercise opportunities with a training partner

As well as getting a taste of the way your partner trains, there are many exercises you can do with a training partner that you can’t do by yourself.

Some of these exercises are especially useful if you work out at home or in a park where you have a more limited range of exercises available to you.

A few examples

  • Using your partner as a form of resistance, especially when there are no machines or free weights available. For example, a shoulder press can be performed on your knees on the ground with your training partner standing behind you and applying resistance through the palms of your hands.
  • Games and activities that increase your heart rate, which you might be hard-pressed to do on your own! For example, knee taps or mirroring, and boxing drills
  • Traditional exercises that can be made more interactive. An example could be changing the traditional seated medicine ball twist into an interactive exercise. Sit back to back with your partner and perform the same exercise, but pass the ball between each other as you twist

4.     Encouragement, motivation, and support to make faster progress with your goals

Your training partner should be someone who inspires you. They should be encouraging and supportive, and of course, it’s a two-way street. They’ll probably be grateful to receive the same treatment from you!

When you’re having a rough day and don’t feel like exercising, a training partner can be the motivation you need to just get on and do it. Consistency with your workout program is crucial in terms of progress towards your health and fitness goals. Your workout buddy can help you avoid missing sessions and keep you on track.

An overall plan for success

For the times you do start to get off-track, their encouragement and support can help steer you back in the direction you want to go.

Overall, if you choose the right training partner your workouts may even feel more fun and enjoyable. You can have a laugh, off-load your day and spend time with someone who you like to be around.

benefits of a training partner

5.     A training partner can help you to have a safer workout

When you choose to work out with a training partner, you also get an instant “spotter”. This means you can try exercises that require a greater level of strength than those you could do on your own. Your spotter can help you try that chin up you’ve never quite been able to master or assist you to try the next weight up for your bench press.

If your training partner has a reasonable level of experience with working out, they might also be able to give you some useful tips on exercise technique. An example would be cueing you on alignment when performing an exercise.

Can I train with a partner through At-Home fitness?

You certainly can! We offer a variety of different ways to train, including 1:1, group sessions and training with a buddy. Check out our 6-week promise, where we guarantee your results (or your money back). You can opt to do this with a training partner to help accelerate your progress towards achieving your fitness goals.

Do you work out with a training buddy? Let us know how a training buddy has helped you in the comments below!