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5-step guide

Simple walk-through guide, including setting goals, creating healthy habits and easy ways to measure your progress.

Fitness plan template

Printable template to create a daily plan, covering exercise, nutrition and health.

Home fitness bundle

Personalised progress tracking sheet, plus home workouts, healthy recipes and more.

Expert insights

A collection of our top blogs and interviews from our team of home fitness experts.

Daily motivation

Top tips, tricks and advice from the team on how to stay motivated, sent to your inbox daily.

How to get help

Want to find out about home personal training? Our team are on-hand to answer questions and support.

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Hyde Phillips - CEO, At Home Fitness

If you want to start (or re-start) a fitness routine, but you’re busy and gyms aren’t your thing, this free new guide and home fitness bundle is the perfect place to get going!

With insights from a professional team of 15 home fitness experts, we’ve taken over a decade and a half of home personal training experience and streamlined it into five easy-to-follow steps to get fit, be healthy and feel great – from home.

Go at your own pace, create a plan that works for you, and get daily motivation to help you get started – with help from the whole At Home Fitness team.

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