Top tips for staying active while working from home

Written by Elly McGuinness

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Since 2020, the changing global landscape has required more people to work from home. Although this may have its merits, it can also present challenges for staying active. Some people, for example, immediately reduced their level of incidental exercise when their daily work and lunch commutes disappeared. You probably know that workout options extend far beyond the gym alone, but when you find yourself suddenly working from home, a whole new routine must be created around that. The following easy-to-implement tips will help you stay active while working from home.

Prioritize and schedule

You undoubtedly need to make a few lifestyle adjustments when you start working from home. With that, new habits must be created. Consistency is crucial when building habits and one step towards achieving consistency is planning. Where will your workouts fit into your at-home working regime? Make them a priority and put them in your calendar, just as you schedule work meetings. Set reminders and perhaps even an alarm to help you take action.

Take active breaks

If you noticed a reduction in your incidental exercise levels when you started working from home, it’s time to add some back in! Non-planned exercise is fitness that happens as part of everyday life, such as walking from place to place or taking the stairs. When working from home, that sort of activity might not occur as naturally. So, give your body some love and take active breaks from your desk. Get up and take a walk around the block, or stand up and do 10 squats before you go to the bathroom. Perhaps you can even do walk-and-talk video calls. Again, if you are not in the habit of taking regular breaks, set a recurring alarm on your phone to remind you to get out of your chair!

Organize your home with fitness in mind

You don’t need to have an entire room in your home that’s solely dedicated to exercise. That’s wonderful if you do, but if not, think about how you can set your home up with fitness in mind. There are plenty of workouts you can do in a small space in your living room, but it’s still a good idea to determine whether you should rearrange the furniture to maximize your space. Make sure any fitness equipment is visible, tidy, and easily accessible.

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At-home personal training sessions

If you lost your gym-based personal trainer when you started working from home, or you need some motivation to find your home workout groove, hire a personal trainer to come to your home. Enjoy the benefits of one-to-one personal training minus the busy gym setting and time hassles.

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Desk-based exercises

Get creative with some desk-based exercises while you are working from home. Sit on a stability ball to help engage your core muscles and bring awareness to your posture. Do some tricep dips from your chair or push-ups with your hands on your desk. Take a break and try a few desk-based stretches when you need to loosen up.

Online fitness classes or personal training sessions

Online personal training sessions or fitness classes are other terrific options to help you stay active while you’re working from home. Providing you plan and prioritize your sessions, they can fit seamlessly into your at-home working life. Workout apps also have their place for staying active at home. When you understand the differences between a workout app and online personal training sessions, you can determine which one (or whether a combination of both) is best for you.

Invest in a sit-stand desk

Make your desk work a little more active by spending more time standing. Invest in a sit-stand desk so you can move between the two positions as needed. Burn a few more calories while you stand and help offset postural issues and related problems from sitting for too long.

How to stay active while working from home | in summary

There are many ways to stay active while working from home. What resonates with you from the list above? Start with one option that can fit seamlessly into your life or connect with our at-home personal trainers for further inspiration. Whatever you choose, you’ll be one step closer to living a more active lifestyle and kicking your fitness goals.

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