Hi! I’m Rumer, your mobile personal trainer in North London. I deliver personal training sessions at your home in different areas of North London  including Highgate, Hampstead, Islington, Camden, St. John’s Wood and more.

My personal training service is for you if you want to kick-start a personal fitness and healthy eating programme – but are short on time and struggling to get going.

Each week, I will come to your home in North London for personal training sessions and you’ll have everything you need to get going. This includes personalised and time-efficient workouts, a simple healthy eating plan, and regular check-ins to help you stay motivated. I can also give online personal training sessions via video call if preferred.

I use a simple 5-step process to help you get started:

Step 1 is understanding your goals and starting point. Step 2 is to launch a straight-forward plan that makes sense and requires minimal prep time. Step 3 includes twice-weekly fitness sessions focused on your fitness and weight loss goals. You’ll get regular support, check-ins and measuring progress to help you stay on track in Step 4. And in step 5, we’ll review your plan, measure all your progress and re-launch your plan so it’s exactly what you need to keep moving and build long-term habits.

I know that being in a regular routine of fitness sessions and eating better, leaves you feeling fresh for work – or a day with the kids – and helps bring a sense of control and confidence to every-day life. Personal training is a really effective way to help you get started and commit to a plan that works for you – and the results are so powerful!

If you live in North London and are interested in kick-starting your health and fitness with a trainer who comes to your home, then I’d love to hear your goals and discuss how I can help!

Rumer Day

Personal Trainer In North London

Specialises in:

– Pregnancy fitness
– Level 4 Nutrition
– Boxing & Padwork