Eat to Lose Weight!

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to shift that extra weight when you’re cutting the calories and exercising more than ever?

This is because most people cut their calorie intake too low leaving them with an extreme calorie deficit, which will in effect work against them in their goal for weight loss.  This is because the body is designed for survival so when you decrease your calorie intake too much the body will want to hold onto its fat stores opting to burn muscle for energy rather than any excess fat stores.

As well as a decrease in muscle mass there are other metabolic changes that occur due to not eating enough calories, for example, your thyroid is responsible for fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism and in an attempt to maintain an even energy balance the body will slow down its thyroid production.  It would then make sense to maintain a healthy lifestyle of exercising mixed with a good healthy balanced diet in order to increase the body’s thyroid production and thus weight loss.

So if you have reached that plateau in your weight loss goal then it is more than likely that you are not eating enough calories for the amount of exercise that you are doing.  You wouldn’t expect to drive 200 miles on half a tank of petrol so why expect your body to function on half the calories it needs….Eat to lose weight!