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How to stop making excuses

It’s not uncommon to have times when you miss training sessions, in actual fact missing the odd one can do…

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Personal Training on Radio WM

At Home Fitness was proud to support the Cure Leukaemia Fun Run.  As part of this we helped Radio WM…

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Staying in control

We all know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are integral to a fit and healthy lifestyle.  We may…

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Why we’re Fat – FREE eBook

We've just launched our brand new eBook - "Why we're fat". This Free Weight Loss Book is packed full of useful…

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Weight Loss Foods

You may sometimes think you are the only one who is looking to lose weight, but when it comes to…

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Instant weight loss? You don’t need a ‘tablet’.

Right, here’s the scenario.  You’re looking to order an IPad 3 off the internet (other tablet computers are available!)  You’ve…

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Keeping Your Workouts Fun and Challenging!

When it comes to keeping motivated and focused on one’s training schedule, there are 2 main enemies we all need…

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Success breeds success

In just a few weeks the Olympics kicks off and our televisions will be filled with the finest sporting specimens…

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